Review and Comparison: Top 10 Email Newsletter Services

If you consider email marketing as a way to promote your business and attract new customers, then you probably know that the first thing you need to choose a service for email newsletters.

Choosing the right software is very important because it has a significant impact on the success of your entire marketing campaign.

In this article I will review the top 10 services for small and medium-sized businesses.

Why it is so important to choose the best service for email newsletters

Email marketing is one of the most cost-effective marketing tools for small and medium-sized businesses. According to The Direct Marketing Association, this type of marketing brings an average of 4300% return on investment (ROI) worldwide in various business areas.

It is very important to understand that the success of your email marketing campaign depends a lot on what software you choose. It is the convenience and reliability of the software that is responsible for how easy it will be to configure all your mailings and whether your letters will be delivered to the addressee.

Therefore, if you do not pay proper attention to the choice of the service for email distribution, then, in the end, you will pay much more money for fewer functions, disgusting user experience and low quality letters. And it will cost you even greater losses.

A good mailing list service allows you to create very high quality, engaging emails. Moreover, it gives you the ability to manage your contacts, segment users into groups and track the effectiveness of your email campaigns.

But, most importantly, a good service for email newsletters ensures that your emails do not get into the spam folder.

Now it’s time to talk about the best providers of email newsletter services, as well as a comparative description of them.

1. Constant Contact

One of the largest and fastest growing email marketing services in the world. It is the easiest to use, therefore convenient for beginners.

Constant Contac t makes it easy to manage subscriber databases, mailing lists, contacts, ready-made templates, and a marketing calendar. And this is far from all of his possibilities.

Each account gives you easy access to:

  • analytics and reporting;
  • built-in Social Media Sharing Tools (reposts on social networks);
  • free library of images that can be used in the newsletter;
  • email database segmentation;
  • Facebook ad integration
  • powerful integration of eCommerce systems for Shopify stores.

Their premium Email Plus plan also comes with features:

  • mailing automation;
  • polls
  • Coupons
  • online donations;
  • A / B testing the subject of letters (which significantly increases the percentage of open letters).

Constant Contact has excellent customer support in live chat, phone call or email. There is also a forum and a huge library of useful resources.

This service offers a 60-day trial version for free, and after this period the cost starts from $ 20 / month.

2. Drip

Drip is a powerful email marketing platform. This email service is actively used by bloggers and marketers in various fields of business. This service offers a wide range of tools to simplify marketing automation, as well as personalize newsletters.

Drip offers a nice and simple interface, as well as seamless integration for all popular website development platforms, including WordPress and WooCommerce. This will allow you to easily add subscription forms to your site and generate more leads.

A distinctive feature of Drip are:

  • intelligent marketing automation tools;
  • better e-mail segmentation;
  • Designer for visualizing a sales funnel.

The service offers support in the form of chat, webinars, automation training, highly detailed courses, as well as free guides and an excellent documentation base.

I consider the Drip service to be the best software for both eCommerce sites and businessmen who are looking for more advanced tools.


3. SendinBlue

SendinBlue is software for SMS and email newsletters designed specifically for enterprises. It is one of the fastest growing email marketing platforms in Europe.

This newsletter service is extremely easy to use and has great tools for creating beautiful and enticing emails. The tool that allows you to perform the desired action by dragging and dropping is ideal for those who do not yet have much experience in e-mail marketing.

SendinBlue is equipped with convenient tools for beginners, which allows you to:

  • do transactional mailing;
  • create a sales funnel;
  • segment users
  • choose the best time to send letters using AI algorithms.

The service offers a completely free rate, allowing you to send up to 300 letters per day. However, all emails will be marked with SendinBlue’s nonsense .

The cost of paid packages starts at $ 25 / month. You also have the opportunity to connect SMS-mailing to your account. Its cost will depend on your shipping requirements.

4. ConvertKit

A robust email marketing platform for professional bloggers, authors, and marketers. It is characterized by ease of use and high power.

ConvertKit makes it easy for visitors to your site to offer content upgrades and lead magnets using convenient sign-up forms. The functionality also includes easy-to-use autoresponders that automate the sending of a series of letters.

This service will help you easily segment contacts to those who are interested in your product, and those who are already a client. Automatic emails are very personalized, which will help you increase conversion.

In case of questions or difficulties in the process of using the service, ConvertKit will provide you support via email, as well as offer an extensive knowledge base with excellent documentation and training materials.

The platform offers a free 14-day trial. Monthly cost starts at $ 29. A 30-day refund period is also provided.

5. AWeber

Platform AWeber is one of the oldest and most popular email marketing services providers in the world.

It has a wide range of tools for managing email marketing and is designed for small and medium-sized businesses.

Great usability, connects seamlessly to most platforms, including WordPress.

You get access to:

  • ready-to-use email templates;
  • mailing list management;
  • answering machines;
  • to track mailing performance (highly detailed).

Support is provided via chat, phone, e-mail and online webinars. You also get access to an extensive library with instructions and tutorials.

AWeber offers a free trial (30 days). At the end of the month, the minimum package price is $ 19. To save money, you can buy a quarterly or annual subscription.

6. GetResponse

Another popular email marketing service. GetResponse is extremely easy to use and especially suitable for small businesses and beginners.

The platform features stunning marketing automation tools that enable you to create smart, automated campaigns.

Using the drag and drop tool, you can create campaigns, segment contacts and send content specific to specific groups.

All GetResponse tools will help you create effective campaigns that will increase your profits.

The service provides you ready-made:

  • adaptive feedback forms;
  • landings;
  • A / B tests;
  • Tracking Efficiency
  • answering machines.

GetResponse integrates with third-party lead generation services such as OptinMonster, SalesForce, Google Docs, ZenDesk, etc.

Support is provided by phone, live chat and email. In the help section you will find many free training materials, including videos, webinars, instructions, guides, and more.

GetResponse offers a 30-day free trial. Further, for the service you will have to pay from $ 15 / month.


7. Mailchimp

Mailchimp is one of the most popular email marketing service providers in the world, primarily because it offers a free email marketing service plan.

A free account, of course, has some limitations (no more than 2,000 subscribers, and no more than 10,000 letters per month). But that’s more than enough to get started! And great news: it’s not just a trial version. This plan is always free. And as soon as you have more subscribers, you can already afford a paid account.

The platform is equipped with:

  • simple e-mail constructor;
  • answering machines;
  • function for segmenting contacts into groups;
  • A simple analytic tool to track newsletter performance.
  • the ability to configure trigger emails.

Mailchimp allows you to configure the delivery time of letters taking into account the time zones of users, and also makes it possible to carry out segmentation based on geolocation.

The service easily integrates with WordPress, Magento, Shopify and many other platforms.

If we talk about the functionality of marketing automation, the capabilities of Mailchimp are very limited in comparison with other providers from this list (Drip, ConvertKit, ActiveCampaign).

In recent years, the platform has attempted to add many “advanced” features. However, the case ended with testing, nothing was really implemented.

Mailchimp provides support via email and live chat. Extensive tutorials are also available to users.

As I already noted, the service offers an absolutely free tariff plan that allows sending 10,000 emails to 2,000 subscribers. This package greatly limits your capabilities, as it does not provide the ability to configure sending time, advanced segmentation, testing for several parameters, and more. In addition, displaying your brand name in your letters is a prerequisite.

Paid Mailchimp packages start at $ 10 / month. Then the price rises with the growth of your subscription base.

8. ActiveCampaign

ActiveCampaign combines e-mail marketing, CRM (customer relationship management system) and sales. This allows you to send personalized emails based on the behavioral patterns of individual users.

In general, ActiveCampaign offers an almost unlimited number of possibilities when it comes to email marketing automation.

The service makes it easy to create attractive emails using the classic drag-and-drop constructor.

In addition, it even allows you to contact subscribers literally on the go by sending an SMS.

The ability to track customer actions on the site makes ActiveCampaign a unique service.

For example, you can track user actions in mobile and billing applications, etc.

All your customer data will be displayed in the CRM system, which will give you a more complete picture of your users.

You can use this data to create highly effective marketing campaigns and retargeting.

The service simplifies integration with WordPress, and also offers a free service of switching from other email marketing services to ActiveCampaign .

The platform offers a free trial for 14 days so you can test the service. Package prices start at $ 9 per month (for 500 contacts in your mailing list).

ActiveCampaign is best suited for marketers who want to improve the effectiveness of their email marketing and add all the CRM systems to this process.

9. SendPulse

A progressive service for email marketing, which also allows you to do SMS-mailing. It features a very convenient, intuitive interface and a wide range of tools for creating and sending letters.

SendPulse also allows you to conduct a qualitative analysis of your marketing campaigns.

The platform is suitable for those who already have a customer base, which needs to be regularly informed about promotions and sales in order to attract new customers and repeat sales to existing ones.

SendPulse offers both ready-made templates for email distribution and a convenient constructor that allows you to create your own template even without HTML skills.

You can set the time and date for the newsletter, send push notifications, as well as SMS messages to any country in the world and in any language.

Technical user support is provided through e-mail.

The platform offers a free package for sending 6000 letters. The cost of paid subscriptions starts at $ 8 per month and increases depending on the number of letters you send monthly. When you issue an annual subscription, any tariff you choose becomes free for three months.

10. Unisender

Great service with good usability for small and medium-sized businesses. This is a universal choice for companies aimed at raising sales through email newsletters.

Unisender is suitable for sending email and SMS to a ready-made subscriber database in order to notify about specific events (promotions, discounts).

The platform provides ready-made templates, as well as the ability to create your own.

Users can use the service of audit of letters, as well as email strategies. Moreover, you can seek advice from an email marketer or personal manager.

The resource also provides services to increase the base of subscribers.

Unisender integrates seamlessly with all the popular CMS and CRM, and also provides RSS feeds.

At the moment, there is a development (there is already a beta version) of the function “Send message by event”.

Email support works quickly and around the clock.

The service offers several tariff plans to choose from. Free includes sending 1500 letters to 100 users. Paid vary, depending on your goals and capabilities. A one-year subscription from 50 thousand letters to 1 million will cost from $ 165 to $ 1875. Also available is the feature of piece payment – $ 0.005 for each letter sent.

Conclusion: choosing the best email service

There are dozens of e-mail newsletter services, and I want to make sure that you have chosen exactly the mailing service that meets the needs of your business.

It is quite difficult to choose the best service, since you need to start from the criteria by which you evaluate each of them. And the criteria should come from the nature of your business and the characteristics of your email marketing strategy and your tasks. If you want to do a weekly newsletter to your database about new publications on your blog, one service may be suitable for you. If you have a large online store with a complex customer journey map , then you will have to use more complex services to ensure effective work.

Therefore, I dare to give my assessment.

If you are the owner of a small company or a beginner blogger, I recommend choosing MailChimp among all email newsletter services. They have a free tariff and the availability of all the necessary tools to learn how to use email marketing.

If you run an online store or want something more advanced, then your choice is Drip or ActiveCampaign.

And for professional bloggers and content creators, I always recommend choosing ConvertKit.

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