Kim Kardashian mocks sister Kourtney in brutal comment in front of live audience in new video taken by fans at NYC event

KIM Kardashian has mocked her sister Kourtney, making a snarky comment directed at her in front of a live audience.

The SKKN founder and her oldest sister’s feud was revealed in the trailer for the upcoming third season of The Kardashians on Hulu.

Kim and Khloe Kardashian threw serious shade at Kourtney in front of an audience


Kim and Khloe Kardashian threw serious shade at Kourtney in front of an audienceCredit: Instagram
The sisters announced new episodes of The Kardashians, taking a dig at their absent sibling


The sisters announced new episodes of The Kardashians, taking a dig at their absent siblingCredit: Hulu

Kim, 42, and her sister Khloe Kardashian did an appearance to share some exciting news about the fate of their family reality show.

They took to the stage in front of a massive audience, with the 38-year-old revealing: “We’re so excited to announce The Kardashians have been renewed for 20 more episodes.”

The Skims mogul then jumped in, teasing: “And if you guys thought last season was wild with marriages and births and the breakups, this new season is gonna be epic.”

Khloe joked: “I’m so happy they gave you that line. It’s a little too triggering for me that one.”

She then added, “Things do get a little crazy,” to which Kim responded: “Not between us though.”

The youngest Kardashian sister quipped back, “No, you and I are good,” at which point Kim appeared to take another dig, saying: “That’s why we’re here.”

The audience had a laugh at the shady remark about Kourtney while fans flocked to a Kardashian-themed Reddit page to share their thoughts.

The video was posted under a thread titled: “Kim and Khloe shading Kourt once again.”


Many fans seemed to believe the comment was directed at Kourtney and they made it known online.

One commenter wrote: “I just know Kourtney is somewhere eating a salad not reacting to this at all.”

Another chimed in: “They come off like such mean girls. When it comes to Kourtney, I feel like she’s actually grown over time. But Khloe and Kim still just seem so catty.”

Someone else wrote: “They have this obsession with Kourt being the villain. And people buy into it.”

A fourth fan wrote: “Haha ppl like that hate when ur unbothered and do your own thing, they go in petty mode hard!

“One minute they’re ‘sisters and they’ll stick together’ the next ‘arch enemies’ and don’t come replying telling me that’s sisters, bcuz it ain’t and y’all would never allow that behavior from friends so miss me with the s**t.”

Another comment read: “Kim can’t control Kourt like she can Khloe, and she hates it.”

Someone else wrote: “Meanwhile Kourtney mentions them two like….never.”


In addition to discussing Kim’s attack on Kourtney, Kardashian critics had a field day mocking the mild reaction from the audience to the siblings’ announcement about more episodes.

After Khloe shared the news, there appeared to be an awkward pause from the crown while Kim uncomfortably filled the space by shouting: “Wooh!”

Her cheer elicited some crowd response but it didn’t appear to be quite the excitement Kim and her sister thought they’d get.

Comments flooded the thread with critics mocking the TV stars for the seemingly lackluster reaction from attendees.

“And the crowd went mild,” one person joked, while others thought the sisters’ delivery could have been better.

“They sound like they don’t even believe the s**t they are saying lol,” another added.

“Wow they literally have zero personality here. Kim sounds so over it, and Khloe also sounds so detached. I have a feeling they did nottt practice this lol,” someone else said.

“They entertain for a living? this is 2nd hand embarrassment,” wrote a third.


On Wednesday, The Hollywood Reporter broke the news that Hulu had renewed The Kardashians, extending it to at least season six depending on the number of episodes in each season.

Since season one, 20 episodes have aired on Hulu in the last year split between two seasons.

Forty episodes were initially ordered, with Hulu splitting those between two seasons.

The streaming platform ultimately decided to do 10 episodes a season.

If Hulu keeps it at 10 episodes a season, The Kardashians will go on at least through season six.

The series follows sisters Kim, Kourtney, Khloe, Kylie, 25, Kendall, 26, and mom Kris, 67, as they take on their hectic lives as A-list superstars.

Fans weren't amused, suggesting that Kourtney wasn't either


Fans weren’t amused, suggesting that Kourtney wasn’t eitherCredit: Hulu
Kim has been open about her ongoing feud with Kourtney


Kim has been open about her ongoing feud with KourtneyCredit: Getty Images – Getty
The drama was revealed in a trailer for The Kardashians season three


The drama was revealed in a trailer for The Kardashians season threeCredit: Alamy

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