Stephen Jackson Calls Ja Morant A ‘Moron’ For Flashing Gun AGAIN

During an appearance on the I Am Athlete podcast, Stephen Jackson, called Ja Morant out for receiving his second suspension from the court for flashing a gun on social media.

“I was one guy that actually went to bat for him because I’ve been a guy who thrown a lot of money at a young age and made a mistake,” the former NBA star said. “All the people like me that was taking up for him that said it was a mistake. He’s a young kid. We can’t go to bat for him this time. This was the dumbest thing he could’ve done. This is a moron move. His parents should be embarrassed.”

Jackson previously spoke out about Morant’s gun incident back in March. Morant was suspended for flashing a firearm at a club and the incident was also live-streamed.

“The only thing I would tell Ja: have the people around you that care about you and care about your job the way you care about it,” Jackson said at the time. “Don’t have people around you that care about your job because they care about what you gon’ do for them. Have the people around you that care about your job enough that they don’t want you to lose it.

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