42 Dugg SLAMS Prison In Instagram Post

42 Dugg was sentenced to an additional year in prison and is begging for a new attorney.

The rapper says there is no reason for his detainment and that he’s being deprived of basic supplies.

“I need the best civil lawyer in Georgia, man. I’m in jail for going to the gun range dropping dirty and failure to appear. I didn’t steal from nobody, hurt nobody, they handling me crazy,” he wrote in the since-deleted post.

He continued: “Man, I’m in this b-tch heating my food up with water from the nasty a-s shower—they don’t even give us hot water to heat food up. Ain’t no microwave, I can’t get no visits from my family, nothing. I’m sure they gone do some more illegal sh-t but what I’ pose to die in this b-tch for probation violation?”

Dugg failed to turn himself in earlier for a previous firearms case, so in April, he was sentenced to a year in federal prison.

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