Mrs Hinch and Charlotte Dawson reveal sick trolls are trying to get their children taken off them by social services

MRS Hinch and Charlotte Dawson have revealed that sick trolls have been trying to get their children taken off them.

Mother-of-one Charlotte, 30, who is currently expecting her second child – revealed she had been “down” lately after internet users called social services about her parenting.

Charlotte was seen getting upset as she admitted the trolling


Charlotte was seen getting upset as she admitted the trollingCredit: Instagram
The star told fans a follower had been trying to get "Noah taken off her"


The star told fans a follower had been trying to get “Noah taken off her”Credit: Instagram

The TV personality, who is the daughter of the late comedian Les Dawson, took to Instagram to open up about the sick trolls.

She told fans she had been “taking a breather from Instagram life” following the behaviour from some followers in a new video.

“Sorry I’ve been a little bit quiet over the weekend, I just needed a bit of a breather from Instagram life, to be in real family and friends life in the moment with people that really matter,” Charlotte said.

“I love all of you on Instagram and I am so grateful for all the support and love, everything that I receive is just amazing.

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“But it’s been a really tough couple of days, if I’m honest. I’m heavily pregnant as you can tell, he’s blooming isn’t he, our lad?

“As much s I wanna come off social media, because I really do, it makes you feel like you just want going to come off, what I’m about to tell you. I just got to put my big girl knickers on.”

Charlotte went on to reveal: “My work is on here, and I don’t want to come off because then they’re going to win, these weirdos, and they are going to get what they want. I can’t let them get what they want.

“If you have been following me for a while you will have seen that I got a phone call off social services last year, last July.

“Basically it was saying that Noah is always injured in my care, I’m always drunk around him, he’s always in hospital and all this crap.

“They said me and Matthew aren’t capable of looking after Noah and he needs to be taken off of us.

“That was all last year and obviously nothing’s come of it and it’s just kind of been forgotten about.

“This person makes accounts all the time and says really disgusting and disturbing things, and puts like Noah’s name on a gravestone, sick things like that.

“They say things like I’ve never met my dad and why am I trying to make money out of my dad? Just weird, weird s**t.

“They sent stuff to my family and my friends, I try to ignore stuff that comes my way.

“This time round I got another phone call on Friday saying the same situation, the exact same thing – so this person is not going to stop until something drastically bad happens to me, my family, or Noah gets taken off us.

“Just stop now, you absolute t**t,” she concluded, before apologising to fans for her language in the video, explaining she was “angry”.

Under the video, influencer Mrs Hinch, real name Sophie Hinchliffe, admitted that she had been through the same ordeal.

“Oh I’m so sorry,” she penned. “A similar thing happened to me Charlotte , it’s sickening, but please never give up.

“You make me smile daily on here and you’re incredible, all the best.”

Their friends and fans flooded the comments section to gather round the pair, and send them “so much love” during the hard time.

Last year, Charlotte revealed she was being stalked and viciously trolled online by someone who reported her to social services.

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Then earlier this year, she was mum-shamed for showing off her pregnant belly online after revealing she was pregnant.

“No I’m not putting it away because I’m going to shake my rainbow baby and I’m going to show my baby rainbow bump off,” she savagely hit back at fans.

Charlotte apologised to fans as she got upset over the ordeal


Charlotte apologised to fans as she got upset over the ordealCredit: Instagram
She shares her son Noah with her husband Matt


She shares her son Noah with her husband MattCredit: instagram
Mrs Hinch supposed Charlotte and admitted she'd been through the same ordeal


Mrs Hinch supposed Charlotte and admitted she’d been through the same ordealCredit: Instagram

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