Emily Atack slams vile troll who accuse her of ‘attention’ seeking after sexy post in crop top

EMILY Atack has slammed a vile troll her accused her of “attention” seeking after posing in a sexy crop top.

The actress – who is best known for starring as Charlotte Hinchcliffe in The Inbetweeners – hit back at the follower on Instagram.

Emily posed in a pink crop top on her Instagram


Emily posed in a pink crop top on her InstagramCredit: Instagram
The star shared the vile comment on her stories


The star shared the vile comment on her storiesCredit: INSTAGRAM

Emily, 33, was seen posing in a tight-fitting pink top, which she paired with jeans as she let her hair flow down in a bouncy blow out.

She struck a pout towards the camera as she posed in the mirror, opting for a glamorous palette of make-up for the snap.

“Big and bouncy. So is the hair. Thank you gang,” Emily penned.

Many of her fans and friends flooded the comments section to gush over the snap, calling her “stunning” and “beautiful”.

Emily Atack shows off her 'big and bouncy' new hair in selfie in pink crop top
Emily Atack looks incredible in high-split skirt from fresh New Look collection

But one vile troll hit out to accuse her of wanting “attention”, as he left a nasty comment under Emily’s upload.

“And then you wonder why trolls pick you up, why would you say that if you don’t like that sort of attention?” they wrote.

Emily furiously hit back: “Even if I put no caption at all, it would still get perverted comments, so it just shows it has nothing to do with me or my choices.

“It is not my fault some men can’t control themselves.

“Listen to what you are saying to me. You are saying I am the one who needs to change – change how I speak, change my sense of humour, maybe change how I dress, completely change how I am.

“But the people who send the abuse can carry on as they are? No fault lies with them at all. Just me. The person I have chosen to be.

“That is what you are saying by making those comments. Do you understanding that comments of yours are a huge part of the issue?”

Sharing a screen grab of the comment to her fans, she added: “I really struggle to understand how some people just don’t get it.

“Then I’m slowly realising maybe it takes a deeper layer of intelligence than some people just don’t have?”

It’s not the first time that Emily has hit back against trolls and vile comments on her social media – as she revealed terrifying threats.

Earlier this year, the comedian admitted she was “terrified” to be home alone – and expects the worst when she hears “bump in the night”.

She opened up on the devastating impact explicit messages online have had on her mental health.

The star admitted she was scared of “being physically alone” after years of sexually-driven comments and threats.

She tells the Radio Times magazine: “I’m terrified at times. The second I hear a bump in the night I go, ‘Oh, that’s it. I’m about to be raped and killed’.

“I’m scared of being alone physically a lot of the time.”

Emily revealed that the fear was instilled in her childhood, when comments were made about what she wore to school.

“I remember teachers saying I shouldn’t wear a skirt to school: ‘It’s asking for the wrong kind of attention’,” she went on.

“I thought I had to change me. My whole life, it’s always been people blaming the way I look for these things happening, ‘You wear too much make-up, you wear a short skirt’.”

Elsewhere, Emily revealed she was forced to call the police last year after a series of rape threats online.

The I’m A Celebrity star hit out at vile sex trolls to raise awareness of the issue after the series of messages.

Emily told The Sun: “They knew where I lived, said what they were going to do to me. I got the police involved.”

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The star, an ardent campaigner against cyberflashing, has had to move home four times in the wake of targeted abuse.

Emily called for social media companies to clamp down on X-rated comments after revealing that she is sent pornographic material by married family men — and even grandads.

Emily has previously had to hit back against trolls online


Emily has previously had to hit back against trolls onlineCredit: INSTAGRAM

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