Real Housewives SHEREE And Kandi Are BEEFING … Over Martell’s Alleged CHEATING!!!

Last night was the season premiere of The Real Housewives Of Atlanta – and Media Take Out is covering all of the current storylines for the season.

The first episode brought FIREWORKS from the first minute. One of the most interesting storylines is Sheree’s new relationship, with Love & Huntsville star Martell Holt.

Kandi and Martell immediately got into it. Martell confronted Kandi after she said that Martell went on a “staged: date with another reality star, to get the blogs (meaning our) attention.

Listen to Kandi explaining why she said what she said:

Martell stood up for himself on last night’s episode. And Sheree went at Kandi last night on Twitter.

Sheree decided to strike first, by putting Kandi’s alleged past heaux behavior out there. Sheree wrote that Kandi is “community property” and that she used to be “community p*ss.”

Kandi clapped back, saying that Sheree shouldn’t be “going hard” for Martell because he’s been giving “hard D*** to everybody.”

Oh lord, this is going to be a great season ….


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