Kardashian fans rip ‘wasteful’ Kim as she throws big party for Psalm, 4, with tons of balloons despite national shortage

KIM Kardashian’s over-the-top birthday party for her son Psalm has been popped by fans for her inclusion of giant helium balloons.

The gas, which is vital for the operation of certain medical equipment, is in short supply nationwide.

Kim Kardashian was slammed for throwing son Psalm and extravagant birthday party


Kim Kardashian was slammed for throwing son Psalm and extravagant birthday partyCredit: Instagram/kimkardashian
Fans were especially upset at the plethora of balloons used


Fans were especially upset at the plethora of balloons usedCredit: Instagram/kimkardashian

Among the many extravagances at Psalm’s fourth birthday party were dozens of decorative balloons.

The theme of the party was firefighters, which was highlighted right as guest walked past a life-size balloon fireman battling a raging balloon fire.

More balloons were attached to bounce houses and scattered across the party zone.

There was even a bounce house that looked like a snow globe filled with dozens of balloon snowflakes.

But besides filling up balloons, liquid helium are a key necessity for the operation of medical MRI machines.

In a Reddit chat room, fans were deflated to see Kim’s helium use.

“There’s a freaking global helium shortage,” one person exclaimed. “The amount of balloons these women use disgust me. Completely tone deaf.”

Another slammed: “They are a disgustingly wasteful and destructive (group) of fiends and grifters.”

While a third pointed out: “Balloons are terribly wasteful aside from the helium too. Literal plastic trash from start to finish.”


Kim, 42, isn’t the first Kardashians star to feel the helium heat.

Kim’s younger sister Khloe Kardashian was criticized just a month earlier for using hundreds of balloons to decorate her daughter True’s fifth birthday party.

The reality star, 38, was branded “obnoxious” and “wasteful” for adorning every inch of her $17million mansion with plastic balloons.

Khloe threw her eldest child an extravagant Octonauts-themed party on Saturday.

In videos from the bash, dozens of pale blue balloons were seen framing the patio doors leading outside.

Pale pink balloons in the shape of a huge octopus covered the roof of the pool house and a rainbow-colored balloon arch with tassels adorned a doorway.

There were also hundreds of balloons used to create a backdrop for the Ocotonauts characters spaced around Khloe’s yard.

Additionally, hundreds of small plastic balls were used to fill the ball pit at the party.

Critics shared screenshots of all the decorations and slammed Khloe’s “complete disregard” for the environment.

One wrote on Reddit: “Kardashian Balloons imitating the Kardashians’ lives – BIG, FAKE, OBNOXIOUS PLASTIC and a giant WASTE.”

Another added: “Complete disregard that all this crap is going to end up in landfill or the ocean.


Kim’s balloon bonanza was only one part of Psalm’s party.

The reality star turned her entire home into its own fire station, complete with fire truck pinata and fire hydrant cake.

Each young attendee was gifted their own custom firefighter turnout jackets featuring each of the children’s names stitched on the back, along with “CALABASAS FD” on some and “LA CO FD” on others.

The entranceway was covered to look like the outside of a fire station, complete with Psalm’s name spelled out at the top.

A colorful dalmatian cutout stood guard over trays of cupcakes just begging to be eaten, while adults could beat the heat with some custom cocktails.

There was also a fire engine pinata, which Psalm and his cousins True, Dream and Stormi each attacked.


When the time came to serenade Psalm with Happy Birthday, he suddenly turned very bashful.

Kim held her youngest born next to the massive firefighter-themed cake as he shyly waited for the guests to finish singing.

The Hulu star was shown helping her son blow out the candles once the song was complete.

The layered cake was decorated to include a firefighter helmet on top of a red fire hydrant.

Below it, fire and smoke billowed near the center, along with a fire hose.

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At the bottom, the honorary title “Chief Psalm” was written across the cake.

A helium firefighter battles a helium blaze


A helium firefighter battles a helium blaze
Kim went all out for the party, including a custom cake


Kim went all out for the party, including a custom cakeCredit: Instagram/kimkardashian
A month before, Khloe was criticized for her use of balloons


A month before, Khloe was criticized for her use of balloonsCredit: TIKTOK/@kyliejenner

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