Danniella Westbrook in tears as she struggles with loss of vision and is unable to fly home after op

DANNIELLA Westbrook said he’s been left in tears and suffering with loss of vision following her facial reconstruction surgery in Turkey.

The former EastEnders star headed to the country to fix a past botched surgery, but was left disappointed with the results.

Danniella Westbrook said she's been in agony following her facial surgery


Danniella Westbrook said she’s been in agony following her facial surgeryCredit: Getty
The actress said she's been experiencing 'loss of vision'


The actress said she’s been experiencing ‘loss of vision’Credit: Rex

Danniella, 49, has now revealed that she’s been in agony, experiencing problems with her sight and extreme headaches.

She updated fans and said: “Serious pain for three days straight, total loss of vision to blackness, and on and of headaches that make you hold your head and cry.

“And to top it off I’ve had to cancel three doctors appointments today.”

The actress had a surgical thread lift and a fat transfer – but said that she wanted her nose to be fixed but they didn’t do it.

Danniella Westbrook reveals surgery hell saying 'it's been a living nightmare
Danniella Westbrook 'heartbroken' as she receives 'devastating' news

After having the corrective surgery, she now plans on having more but in the UK.

She said that they put 200 threads in her nose in a bid to straighten it, but said that the procedure failed.

Danniella said that she’s now going to return to Liverpool to get her nose fixed, explaining that surgeons need to rebuild the bridge in her mouth and build up the front of her nose.

Speaking to OK! Magazine, the actress said: “I thought I was going to die during the surgery, I really did. On the way there, I was told horror stories about people dying on the table.”

They also took some fat out of her back, sides and stomach and have pumped it into her face to make it more symmetrical.

She explained that she thinks they took “too much” fatty tissue from her stomach and she’s now “lost her six-pack”.

Danniella said that her stomach is “saggy” and it looks like she’s lost a substantial amount of weight, leaving her with excess skin.

“I also have big lumps of fluid all over my belly. They’re like big tennis balls. It’s ruined my body,” she fumed. 

The star is devastated as she planned on being in “the best shape of her life” for her 50th birthday.

As well as having swelling on her stomach, she said that she had “fluid under her eyes”.

“I could barely open them. I have never been in pain like it. I felt like I couldn’t breathe. I was hysterically crying every single day.

“It was terrifying because I don’t speak Turkish, so nobody could understand me.”

A few days after she arrived in Portugal she had to be taken to hospital after her stitches popped open when she was washing her hair – leaving her with an “inch long hole” in the side of her head.

She said that the doctors in Portugal were horrified by the surgery.

The TV star called the experience “a living nightmare” and said that she “regrets it” and wants to return to England to spend time with loved ones.

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