6ix9ine Slams Billboard Over Merch Policy Reversal

Rapper Tekashi 6ix9ine slammed Billboard for going back on their rules not to allow merch bundles to be included as part of album sales.

Billboard will allow a limited number of “fan packs” merch bundles with physical album sales for the Billboard 200 chart beginning June 30. Billboard used to allow this but stopped back in 2020, preventing 6ix9ine from reaching the #1 spot.

“I’m the reason you guys got rid of this rule. You guys did everything and anything just to not see me win. Bringing it back because y’all artists can’t sell without it,” he wrote.

He later added, “The rule got changed in June/July of 2020. I sold over 3,000,000 dollars of bulged merch for gooba. The nicki and Travis thing was in 2018 for Queen because I promoted it. The industry changed rules and laws just to blackball an artist that’s how I know I’m really him. Get mad all you want but this is facts.”

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