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MATT Healy is known for being one the UK’s leading rockstars, and has even managed to bag Taylor Swift as his girlfriend.

But he also has very famous parents, which includes his actor dad Tim Healy.

 Tim Healy is a born and bred Geordie and famous English actor


Tim Healy is a born and bred Geordie and famous English actorCredit: Rex Features

Who is Tim Healy?

Tim Healy was born on January 29, 1952 and is an English actor.

He is a born and bred Geordie and grew up in Newcastle.

In his early life, Tim was a welder in a factory, also serving part-time in the 4th Battalion the Parachute Regiment (Territorial Army).

In 1973 he applied and won a place at the Northern Arts School, after seeing an advert in a paper.

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He was an early member of the Live Theatre Company on Tyneside, a touring company which put on drama productions in community halls and working men’s clubs.

What has Tim Healy starred in and how did he become famous?

Tim shot to fame in the mid-80s for his leading role in Auf Wiedersehen, Pet playing Dennis Patterson.

The show was a TV comedy-drama series about British builders working in Germany.

Later in the 80s he also played Barney Bodger, the blundering handyman in the Children’s ITV series Tickle on the Tum.

These days Tim is best known for starring in ITV’s smash hit show Benidorm, where he played cross-dressing Les, who goes by the name of Lesley when in drag.

The actor is also known for BBC comedy Still Open All Hours.

Is Tim Healy married and does he have any other children?

In 1988, Tim married actress Denise Welch but they divorced in 2012.

During their relationship, they had two sons, including 1975 frontman Matt Healy.

Their younger son Louis is an aspiring actor and has appeared in Doctors.

In 2015, Tim married his second wife Joan Anderton.

What is Tim Healy’s net worth?

Following his career in acting, Tim has managed to boost his bank balance considerably.

He has an estimated net worth of around £1M.

Meanwhile, his rock star son has a personal fortune of £15M.

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