Kourtney Kardashian shows off her real curves in just a bra and underwear for unedited photo

KOURTNEY Kardashian has shared a new photo that features the reality star in her underwear.

Kourtney, 44, shares the image on her Instagram Story to celebrate her friend Natalie’s birthday.

Kourtney posted a new photo where she's only wearing a bra and underwear


Kourtney posted a new photo where she’s only wearing a bra and underwearCredit: instagram
The photo was posted with a group of other photos to celebrate Kourtney's friend's birthday


The photo was posted with a group of other photos to celebrate Kourtney’s friend’s birthdayCredit: Instagram/Poosh

The pic shows the two women standing together and smiling in athleisure wear.

Kourtney wore a black sports bra with a low cut that showed off her cleavage.

On the bottom, she was wearing tiny black Nike shorts with the company’s logo and branding on the band.

Fans could see the photo was a throwback because the Kardashian’s hair was very long and dark.

The KUWTK alum was also wearing black shoes that almost look like slippers or rock climbing shoes.

Her friend Natalie was wearing a white long sleeve shirt and black leggings.


Yesterday, the Hulu reality star posted another cheeky photo of her in a tiny blue bathing suit.

In the pic, she was flying high on a rope swing with a flexible seat and two handles on either side so riders can keep their balance.

The swing was overlooking a lot of greenery, and the white caps of the Pacific Ocean can be seen in the background.

The Lemme founder was wearing a blue one-piece swimsuit with a low back and cheeky bottom that shows off her bum.

She wore her hair up in a bun, and her back was facing the camera.

The photo is unedited, and it allows the viewer to see the creases on her legs and arms as she holds on to the handles and kicks her legs.

She even showed off her dirty feet from spending time outdoors and walking in the grass.

The mom of three used the photo to link an article about “Hacks for Anxiety” on her website Poosh.


Recently, Kourtney proudly flaunted her “little IVF body” on social media in a candid new post.

The image was posted while she was wishing Natalie a happy birthday on her Instagram Story.

In one photo, Kourtney and Natalie were relaxing in the sunshine with their friend Nicole and dressed in swimwear.

Kourtney was wearing a black string bikini as she chilled on a large wooden sunlounger and soaked up some vitamin D.

The television star founder had her dark hair tied up into a top knot and wore a pair of sunglasses as she put her stomach on full display.

Just above her unedited tummy, Kourtney had typed “a little IVF body” but it’s unsure when the picture was actually taken.

The reality TV star and her rocker husband Travis Barker have made no secret of the fact that they want to have a child together, but their journey hasn’t been easy.

During season two of the Hulu series The Kardashians, Kourtney opened up about her attempts to get pregnant – including IVF.

“Travis and I want to have a baby, and so my doctor took us down this road of doing IVF,” Kourtney said in a confessional during one episode of the show.

“Like, it hasn’t been the most amazing experience,” she added.

She told her mom Kris Jenner: “Every single person on social media is always like ‘Kourtney’s pregnant, Kourtney’s pregnant, Kourtney’s gained so much weight.’

“It’s so rude to comment on people when you have no idea what they’re actually going through. The medication they’re giving me, they put me into menopause. … Literally into menopause.”

“Based off of what, a drug?” Kris asked, to which Kourtney replied, “Yes.”

Fans were stunned when Kourtney revealed her intentions to have a baby with the Blink-182 drummer in a trailer for season two of the reality TV series.

Later in the clip, viewers got a look at Travis’ proposal as Kourtney revealed she wants more kids.

She said in a voiceover: “Travis and I want to have a baby.”

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The couple was then shown visiting a doctor as they were instructed to “put a sample in this cup.”

The reality star appeared to want privacy during the appointment and announced she was taking her microphone off.

Kourtney has been posting a lot of revealing and unedited photos lately


Kourtney has been posting a lot of revealing and unedited photos latelyCredit: INSTAGRAM/kourtneykardash
Kourtney's body has changed since she started her IVF journey


Kourtney’s body has changed since she started her IVF journeyCredit: instagram
Kourtney and Travis have talked about having a baby since they got married


Kourtney and Travis have talked about having a baby since they got marriedCredit: Instagram/kourtneykardash

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