Bobby Shmurda Is Tired Of Fans Reporting His Instagram Posts

Bobby Shmurda shared a message with his fans…to stop reporting his social media posts.

“These bitch ass muthaf-ckas need to stop this sh-t with this reporting me sh-t bro. It’s 2023 bro. I been home since 2021 bro. Y’all n-ggas need to stop reporting me! Y’all muthaf-ckas reporting me talking about I got girls doing this and that,” he says in the clip.

The rapper explained that there is often nudity on his timeline, but there are never any repercussions for that.

He continued: “Muthaf-cka, every time I look at my timeline you bitches naked. Bitches butt naked! Bitch look like a 13-year-old [and] they butt naked on my muthaf-ckin timeline. Am I telling a lie? Am I telling a lie?”

Bobby has been fighting to get his career on track since leaving prison. In an interview with Variety, he revealed he came close to giving up.

 “All the times when I was fighting police, that’s when I felt defeated. I didn’t feel defeated… well, defeated, yeah. Because when I fight police, I used to be on some “f-ck everything” sh-t. When someone makes me errrr, I want to hurt somebody. Those days, yeah, I felt defeated,”

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