Tekashi 6ix9ine Slams Hip Hop For Excluding Spanish Rappers: It’s Our Culture Too!!

Tekashi 6ix9ine posted a video on Instagram, claiming that he is one of the only Spanish rappers accepted into the culture.

“You know how many Spanish n-ggas is born and raised in Brooklyn, Manhattan, The Bronx, Queens, Staten Island — the whole New York City? What y’all trying to say? Spanish n-ggas can’t eat? So when you Spanish, you can only make reggaeton? You can only make Spanish music? It’s our culture too, n-gga. F-ck is you talking about?” he asked.

He continued, “Just think about it: name one Spanish rapper other than me and shawty that could enter the top 10 on Billboard. Name them, I can’t even name Spanish rappers. Y’all don’t let n-ggas eat. Y’all just mad ’cause I could enter a whole different demographic in the Spanish market. I dominated the English [market], now I’ma dominate the Spanish.”

Fans disagreed on Twitter:

“Dude, news flash. We’re down with plenty of our Latino brothers. And it’s a fact they were there at the birth. That said, it’s you both sides don’t like!” somebody wrote.

Another wrote, “This dude is NOT Spanish. He’s Hispanic. The fact that he doesn’t know that is crazy.”

Several fans also listed Spanish and Latino rappers who have been embraced.

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