Boosie Weighs In On Webbie’s Crop Top Pic

In a new DJ Vlad interview, Vlad asks Boosie about a picture of Webbie wearing a crop top for a photoshoot.

Surprisingly, Boosie did not go off on Webbie, and seemed to be understanding.

“Players f-ck up. Players f-ck up all the time. I was pissed. He was showing his tattoo bro!” Boosie said.

“Webbie, bro. I had to turn my phone off. He just slipped, bro. He do that every concert. I don’t know why the f-ck they took the picture like that.”

Boosie may be treading carefully because of the drama caused when he was asked a question about rapper T.I. Vlad asked Boosie about clip of T.I. claiming he snitched on his dead cousin. Boosie called T.I. a “rat” and said their joint album was canceled if it was true.

After weeks of social media drama, the men eventually talked it out and Boosie said he apologized to T.I. and that he appreciated the support the Atlanta rapper has given him.

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