Pete Rock Luaghs At Modern Producers Over Resampling

Legendary producer Pete Rock hopped on Twitter to throw shade at some of the more modern producer’s creativity.

“They are resampling rap and r&b records that was made only 3-4 years ago [crying laughing face emoji] no diggin for the hits they sampling what was already a hit recently lol [shrug emoji],” he tweeted.

The responses in the comments section were mixed.

“LL Cool J took the En Vouge song Hold On for his song The Boomin’ System they were both released in 1990. Yall just forgetting lmao,” one follower wrote.

“If I sample anything recent it has to have been recorded using the same analog gear and instruments being played like the 60s/70s. I’ll allow myself to do that but I ain’t got it in me to ever sample something from the same genre thats not old, that’s f-cking dead,” another wrote.

One wrote, “All I heard after I read this was “HITMAKA”.

Is Pete Rock trippin or nah?

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