Kris Jenner critics think she’s subtly revealed her ‘least favorite daughter’ after spotting signs on social media

KARDASHIAN critics believe Kris Jenner has played favorites among her daughters.

Critics point to Kris, 67, consistently promoting Khloe’s Good American brand on social media and not Kourtney’s Lemme Brand.

Kardashian critics believe Kris subtly revealed her least favorite daughter


Kardashian critics believe Kris subtly revealed her least favorite daughterCredit: Instagram
Kris consistently supports the brands of all her daughters, except for Kourtney


Kris consistently supports the brands of all her daughters, except for KourtneyCredit: E! Entertainment

In her latest Instagram Stories, the momager posted a photo of Good American jeans, tagging the company.

She captioned the photo: “Just dropped. Good American always fits denim! The innovative one-size-fits-four denim that guarantees the perfect fit.”

She also reposted another jeans ad from the clothing company run by Khloe.

Kardashian critics noticed the consistent publicity, and the lack of attention being paid to her eldest daughter’s vitamin company, Lemme.

In an online thread dedicated to the famous Hulu family, one person wrote: “Some people have guessed that Kris doesn’t have a stake in Lemme. Aka there’s monetary incentive to promote Good American but none for Lemme.”

“Lemme say…it must be a bad product if Kris said Lemme pass,” scathed another, while another agreed writing, “Honestly would you want your name attached to Kourt’s weird pseudoscience sweets? I wouldn’t…”

“Her poosh brand is a Collab with their PR guy the one that always travels with them I think his name is Simon,” explained another.

The theory comes after Kris recently appeared in ads for Khloe’s new collection.


It also comes after Kris appeared on The Late Late Show with James Corden in September and admitted that her favorite daughter is Kylie.

Promoting the latest season of The Kardashians, the momager participated in a lie detector test during their segment.

Once strapped into the device, Kris answered a few warmup questions to calibrate the machine.

The questions then began to delve into the personal, with the late-night host asking the reality star, “Do you or your family have any overseas tax shelters?”

A hesitant Kris answers, “no”, and appeared deeply relieved when the monitor confirmed she had spoken truly.

Next up, Kylie, 25, asked her mother a question that every child with siblings wonders.

Upon reading her question card, she states “I was going to ask this question anyway,” then asks “Am I your favorite child?”

Kris, answering much faster this time, simply responds “yes”.

The monitor confirms the answer is “true”, to the bewilderment of the audience.

Laughingly Kris replies, “I can’t go home,” while a haughty Kyle throws back her hair and smugly reveals that she “already knew the answer.”


Last year it was reported that the Lemme creator was feuding with her sisters Kim and Khloe.

More attention was brought to the rift among the Kardashian family when Kris snubbed Kourtney during a work party over the holidays.

The Hulu family put on a lavish bash for employees at Kylie Cosmetics, Good American and Skims around Christmas.

Kourtney appeared not to attend the party, which was at a restaurant and stocked with Kendall’s 818 tequila cocktails.

Kris stood up at one point during the dinner to honor her daughters, saying: “I’ve got Good American on the outside, I’ve got Skims on the inside.

“I’m drinking 818 like crazy!”

Kylie could be heard asking off-camera: “What about Kylie Cosmetics?”

Kris conceded: “I have my makeup on, Kylie Cosmetics.

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“And of course, I wash my face with Kim’s SKKN. I mean, does it get any better? I’ve got all of it.”

Kris made no mention of Kourtney’s long-running lifestyle website, Poosh, or Lemme.

Kris recently teamed up with Khloe in an ad for the new Good American collection


Kris recently teamed up with Khloe in an ad for the new Good American collectionCredit: Instagram/Khloe Kardashian/Gregg Swales
The momager never posts about Kourtney's Lemme vitamin brand


The momager never posts about Kourtney’s Lemme vitamin brandCredit: Kourtney Kardashian/pierresnaps
Kourtney is reportedly feuding with her sisters


Kourtney is reportedly feuding with her sistersCredit: YouTube/Jimmy Kimmel Live

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