Kourtney Kardashian proudly shares new video of butt cellulite & scars after sisters are slammed for photoshopping pics

KOURTNEY Kardashian has posted a new beautiful video for her brand Poosh, but it’s very off-brand for her famous family.

The KUWTK star’s video features different video clips that alternate between a woman’s natural body and clips of nature.

Kourtney Kardashian's brand Poosh posted a new video on their Instagram page


Kourtney Kardashian’s brand Poosh posted a new video on their Instagram pageCredit: instagram/ kourtneykardash
The video compared women's bodies to beautiful things in nature


The video compared women’s bodies to beautiful things in natureCredit: Instagram/poosh

Throughout the video, the audience reads: “What if our bodies are an integral part of nature, meaning they’re perfect exactly as they are.”

The video compares parts of a woman’s body that society sees as a flaw and compares it to beautiful things in nature.

Stretchmarks are compared to lighting, rolls are compared to ocean waves, cellulite is compared to rippling water, and scars are compared to flowing lava.

The caption reads: “Don’t spend your precious time on this earth trying to change. Love your body — because it’s yours.”

The video was posted on Poosh’s Instagram account yesterday, and it’s already received a lot of backlash.


After the public saw the video, it didn’t take long for Kourtney and Poosh to be slammed for the “hypocritical” and “ironic” message the video sends.

One said: “I’m confused. Isn’t this run by a Kardashian? I mean, I love the message but… #theirony”

Another commented: “Only Kourtney could’ve posted this one.. the others wouldn’t dare.”

A third chimed in: “I realize that so many amazing women are behind this brand..but it’s, unfortunately, a brand associated with a Kardashian so it’s a miss.”

Someone said: “Lovely words, but a bit rich coming from a Kardashian who is completely obsessed with how they look.”

Another wrote: “The most hypocritical message from a Kardashian, but ok!”


While Kourtney doesn’t take a lot of heat for being obsessed with her looks, she does seem to be obsessed with wellness culture – even starting Lemme so she can sell supplements.

The Hulu reality star recently had to address claims and critiques about her vaginal health gummies.

After various experts, doctors, and fans all slammed the product she cheekily named Purr, Kourtney responded with a TikTok defense featuring Dr. Kathleen Valenton.

Dr. Valenton is a board-certified OB-GYN and owner of the Rodeo Drive Women’s Health Center in Beverly Hills.

In the TikTok, the doctor said: “The vagina is self-cleansing, and generally takes care of itself, but there are few things that can throw off the vaginal flora.

“Things like stress, sex, excessive vaginal bleeding, douching, and antibiotics.”

Kathleen reasoned that a probiotic like Purr could help the effects of these setbacks.

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Still, various medical professionals have slammed the product, with one even calling it a “vaginal scam.”

Fellow OB-GYN Dr. Melanie Bone told Cosmopolitan: “Overall, the probiotics in the gummies could prove beneficial. However, certain elements of the marketing campaign for these gummies are harmful.”

Fans love the video, but most thought it was strange for a Kardashian to post it


Fans love the video, but most thought it was strange for a Kardashian to post itCredit: Instagram/poosh
Kourtney was slammed as a 'hypocrite' for sharing the message


Kourtney was slammed as a ‘hypocrite’ for sharing the messageCredit: Instagram
Kourtney's sisters regularly use photoshop on their photos


Kourtney’s sisters regularly use photoshop on their photosCredit: Instagram/Kim Kardashian

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