Kerry Katona hit with shockingly vile insults by restaurant staff as singer is told ‘don’t come back’

KERRY Katona was roundly insulted on a family night out at a restaurant – and loved it.

The singer posted some of the slurs slung at her and fiance Ryan Mahoney on a night out, some of which are too rude to repeat.

Kerry Katona posted a picture from her night out at Karen's Diner


Kerry Katona posted a picture from her night out at Karen’s DinerCredit: kerrykatona7/Instagram
Her fiance Ryan Mahoney didn't get off lightly either last night


Her fiance Ryan Mahoney didn’t get off lightly either last nightCredit: kerrykatona7/Instagram

Karen’s Diner is the self-proclaimed “rudest restaurant in Britain” and is famous for its ill-treatment of customers.

Last night, Kerry, 42, joined the crowds queuing up to be insulted at a branch and was delighted with the savage abuse.

She posted about how much she loved it on Instagram – but the chain’s official account replied simply: “Don’t come back.”

Kerry shared a picture of Ryan sitting by his burger wearing a hat forced upon him by staff reading: “I cry when I c**.”

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Laughing, the star wrote: “How did they know?”

She also posed in her own paper hat, which read: “I spent my child support on ‘girls nights out’.”

Atomic Kitten legend Kerry wrote: “Honestly, we all had so much fun. The staff were fab absolutely made our night.”

She also shared footage of other diners getting abused, with one lad asked: “What’s your name?” and when he replied told: “What a s*** name.”

Karen’s Diner is a bizarre twist on customer service – with rude waiters who swear at you and deliver public shamings through a speaker system.

There are 17 across the world, with locations in Australia, New Zealand, the USA and in the UK.

British restaurants include Manchester, Birmingham, Sheffield and two in North London – Barnet and Islington.

Kerry recently posted a picture of her after a workout at home


Kerry recently posted a picture of her after a workout at homeCredit: Instagram

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