Fans Of Young M.A. Concerned After Video Surfaces Online

Fans of Young M.A. are concerned after a video surfaced of the rapper getting a haircut…and she did not look well.

The rapper appeared to have lost some weight. She seemed a little frail and the whites of her eyes were yellow. It was clear to her fans that something medical is going on but viewers were upset at her barber for posting the video on the internet.

“That barber is completely f-ckin wrong and unethical!!! Young MA whole body language looked like she ain’t wanna be recorded and you posted that sh-t?” one Twitter user wrote.

“Who tf is young ma management team cause why is y’all neglecting her health?????” somebody else tweeted.

“Young ma has depression and battles with her mental health using liquor. Recently a video of her resurfaced with yellow eyes and yellow skin, which is a sign of liver failure. She’s dying right before our eyes and people are laughing,” another person chimed in.

The rapper’s fans are sending love to her and wish her a speedy recovery.

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