Kim Kardashian shows off her real skin in unedited makeup-free pics at spa day with friend Natalie Halcro

KIM Kardashian has shown off her real skin without makeup and filters while enjoying a spa day with her best friend Natalie Halcro.

The Kardashians star recently shocked fans by sharing throwback photos of her nearly-unrecognizable teenage face.

Kim Kardashian shared selfies from a beauty day with her friend Natalie


Kim Kardashian shared selfies from a beauty day with her friend NatalieCredit: Instagram/Kim Kardashian
She got a 'cool laser' treatment to tighten her skin


She got a ‘cool laser’ treatment to tighten her skinCredit: Instagram/Kim Kardashian

Now Kim, 42, has flaunted her real features in makeup-free selfies with her best friend Natalie.

The duo enjoyed a beauty and spa day on Saturday as they pampered at a luxury salon.

The reality star snapped photos and videos throughout the experience, starting with an unedited selfie.

Kim made her signature duck face and threw up a peace sign for the camera, with her hair tied in a messy bun.

She was covered in white cream on her face and neck and wore purple latex gloves.

Natalie mimicked her friend’s pose as the two showed off their natural skin without makeup.

Kim captioned the photo: “Natalie Halcro and I earlier today with the one and only Dr. Simon Ourian for a little beauty day.”

In a second post, the TV star filmed her and her bestie explaining what they were using the face cream for.

“Adventures at Epione starring Kim and Nat. We’re numb. We’re applying all the numbing and everything ourselves,” she revealed, as she continued to add the substance to her cheeks.

Later, the Hulu star lay on a white chair as the doctor used a laser treatment on her face.

The mother of four kept her eyes closed as the device zapped all over her cheeks and undereye areas.

“What are we doing?” she asked the doctor to explain to her fans.

He replied: “The cool laser, we are going to get rid of your sun damage, tighten your skin, strengthen pores, make your skin beautiful, more beautiful.”

“On olive skin, it is a game changer. Not that you need a game changer but you’re going to be even more beautiful,” he added.

As the doctor moved the device onto Kim’s nose, he added: “They cause the skin to shrink and tighten up.”


Kim’s spa day came amid fan backlash over her changing face due to various cosmetic procedures.

Earlier this week, the star shared never-before-seen photos of herself as a teenager looking completely unrecognizable from her current state.

Kim took to her Instagram Stories on Wednesday to post the ’90s pictures in honor of her long-time bestie, Simone Harouche.

In the first image, the TV personality sported a blue cropped tee shirt and a black tennis skirt while posing in a gym.

Kim wore her short bob haircut pinned back with matching clips and folded her hands together as she smiled at the camera.

The mogul’s best friend Simone talked on a phone on the left side of the photo, also wearing a blue shirt.

In a second snap, the dynamic duo sat on the couch in comfy clothing, giving the camera soft smiles while holding onto a 90s house phone.

Kim sported a light blue tee while her friend went for a white tank top and pink headband.

The Skims founder looked substantially different in the snaps, with a youthful face, tanned skin, and natural features.

In recent months, fans have slammed Kim for going overboard with plastic surgery, claiming she looks unrecognizable from her early days of fame.

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Late last month, fans accused Kim of having more cosmetic procedures and begged the reality star to stop.

While Kim has denied having extensive work done, critics have started comparing before-and-after photos.

Kim explained that her face was covered in numbing cream


Kim explained that her face was covered in numbing creamCredit: Instagram/Kim Kardashian
She filmed herself getting zapped by the treatment


She filmed herself getting zapped by the treatmentCredit: Instagram/Kim Kardashian
Fans were stunned to see a throwback photo of Kim looking substantially different


Fans were stunned to see a throwback photo of Kim looking substantially differentCredit: Instagram/Kim Kardashian

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