Kerry Katona sparks debate as she reveals how often she washes her hair

KERRY Katona today sparked a debate over how often she washes her hair.

The 42-year-old star is well known for her long blonde locks, but it may surprise you to hear how often she gives it a rinse.

Kerry Katona has revealed how much she likes to give her hair a wash


Kerry Katona has revealed how much she likes to give her hair a washCredit: kerrykatona7/Instagram
The former Atomic Kitten star said she can leave her hair for more than a week


The former Atomic Kitten star said she can leave her hair for more than a weekCredit: Instagram

Kerry often looks well groomed in her Instagram pics, so it will come as a shock to find out that she once didn’t wash her hair for THREE weeks.

On average the former Atomic Star says she gives her locks a good clean about once a week.

Instead she opts to use dry shampoo or perfume to fresh up her hair.

Speaking in her OK! column today Kerry said: “Stacey Solomon has admitted to washing her hair for the first time since giving birth to her daughter Belle three weeks ago.

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“I’ve just had a new set of extensions put in, so probably won’t wash mine for a week or so. I’ve definitely gone as long as two weeks before.

She went on: “I just use dry shampoo and you can buy perfume for your hair, too.

“You’re not actually meant to wash your hair too often because it gets rid of the natural oils.

!Maybe three weeks is a bit too long – Stacey could have probably fried an egg on it!

“But I don’t think it’s that gross. If your hair looks greasy, then you probably should do something about it, but otherwise, I don’t think it’s bad.”

Meanwhile, in the same column, Kerry also revealed her daughter had to change schools due to her OnlyFans account, adding that boys wouldn’t stop teasing her.

The star has five children from her three marriages and after filing for bankruptcy in July 2013 for a second time has since become a millionaire thanks to the adult subscription site.

But she’s now said her 16-year-old daughter Heidi Elizabeth, who she welcomed with Mark Croft in 2007, had to move schools due to the site.

Kerry wrote: “My children get so much crap because of who I am. In the past, I think they’ve been treated differently by teachers, other pupils and even parents.”

She continued to say in her new! mag column: “When we first moved up north, my Heidi had to change schools because boys in her class were teasing her over me being on OnlyFans.

“People read things about me and then judge my kids. That’s not fair. They never asked for me to be their mum. My downfall should not be on their shoulders.”

Kerry’s chat was in reference to a recent interview from Katherine Ryan with The Sun, who said her teacher treated her daughter differently because she didn’t like her.

Kerry's hair admission came after Stacey Solomon revealed she hadn't washed her hair in three weeks


Kerry’s hair admission came after Stacey Solomon revealed she hadn’t washed her hair in three weeksCredit: Instagram

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