Inside jailed Stephen Bear’s dodgy businesses including selling his underwear, fake cash giveaways and Bruce Willis film

JAILED Stephen Bear racked up at least 30 failed money-making schemes – some of which fans claimed were a rip off or failed to deliver the goods.

The disgraced reality star is at the start of a 21-month prison sentence for “revenge porn” by leaking online a sex video with ex-girlfriend Georgia Harrison without her consent.

Stephen Bear on day three of his revenge porn trial at Chelmsford Crown Court


Stephen Bear on day three of his revenge porn trial at Chelmsford Crown CourtCredit: Getty
Stephen with girlfriend Jessica Smith


Stephen with girlfriend Jessica SmithCredit: instagram
Stephen claimed his Bitcoin balance was in the millions


Stephen claimed his Bitcoin balance was in the millionsCredit: Twitter/stephen__bear

Among his dozens of failed enterprises, the “entrepreneur” last year urged followers to sign up to his scheme “Attic Millionaire”, with the slogan  – “What ever you find in your attic, create a listing on eBay and keep flipping your money until you [sic] hitting your £1,000,000 target!”

He then posted a pile of his junk on eBay with a starting bid of £650 – unsurprisingly, it received no bids.

But Bear will try selling anything from hand-signed sex toys, teddy bears wearing “Ruthless” t-shirts, and started a “positivity-focused” clothing range called “I Survived” a month after his arrest for revenge porn.

The 33-year-old also got in hot water when he was trying to flog Kanye West’s Yeezy trainers from Bali, which Adidas confirmed were fakes, saying Bear’s company “is not a registered retailer and the products featured on the site are not official product.”

Stephen Bear 'is on suicide watch in prison & has been crying for days'
Stephen Bear's fiancée tells Georgia Harrison 'sue him' in deleted Tweet

Bear claims he’s made millions from bitcoin in videos which fans pointed out were filmed in the bedroom of his childhood home. He’s also attempted a social media channel, a porn website with his model girlfriend Jessica Smith and a modelling agency – none of which registered any profit at Companies House. 

On his Depop page, he’s trying to get rid of used vests and swimming trunks, with the added enticement of a signed photo. But fans have left one star reviews claiming that the goods never even turned up.

Bear was also slammed by the Advertising Standards Authority in April 2022 when he ran a cash giveaway which fans could enter by subscribing to his YouTube channel

The £10,000 was eventually won by his girlfriend Jessica Smith – and furious fans reported him to the ASA, who said there was “no proof” the prize existed. 

After winning Celebrity Big Brother, Bear made a video of his dad Stephen Sr called The Old Man, which featured clips on YouTube of his father hanging out the washing out. 

The Instagram page set up for the film claims that it also stars Tobey Maguire and Bruce Willis. To date, the movie has not been released. 

Bear also set up The Stephen Bear Trust, which is still on Instagram today with the caption that Bear “started [it] to give back to the community – email if you would like us to donate.”

It was unclear if any charity donations were ever given away and it’s never been registered as a charity. 

He also set up a GoFundMe begging fans for cash, which was pulled down, promising anyone who donates that they can “start a new life today” with no further details. 

Bear also ran a $10-a-ticket raffle for a trip to Dubai which nobody was ever announced to have won and faked winning a £2 million lottery prize using photoshop.

The truth is that Bear hasn’t made the millions he’s claimed to. 

In February 2021, while he was on bail, he joined the celebrity platform Cameo, charging £26.25 for personalised videos. 

In the same month, he admitted to making just £29.90 from attempting to be a YouTube star and lifted the lid on the harsh realities of being a social media star. 

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“Guys look I’m not making this video to show off how much money I’m on, I’m not showing off how much money I got paid for this 15,000 views,” Bear told his “fans”.

“Holding his laptop up for everyone to see the screen, he pointed at his earnings and said: “For nearly 15000 views I got a total of £29.90. How crazy is that?”

Stephen's girlfriend won one of his competitions


Stephen’s girlfriend won one of his competitionsCredit: Twitter

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