Kristen Doute SLAMS Tom Schwartz Over Scandoval Silence!!

Former Vanderpump Rules star Kristen Doute put Tom Schwartz on blast for staying silent after his best friend, Tom Sandoval’s months-long affair with Raquel Leviss was exposed.

“Tom Schwartz is a f-cking p-ssy, and he needs to man up,” she said on a recent episode of Dear Media’s “Scheananigans” podcast.

“Enough is enough. He’s just burying his head in the sand and thinks that things will just go away and things will happen. It’s like he can be honest with us in real time and texting, ‘I don’t stand for this’ or ‘I really feel this way,’ but he doesn’t do anything about it.”

Earlier this week, Lisa Vanderpump suggested that he must have been aware – considering his close friendship with his business partner and co-star. Fans speculated that Schwartz kissed Raquel to cover for his friend.

“I think they are so close. I mean, I’d of been less surprised if you said Schwartz and Sandy got together rather than Sandoval and Raquel,” said LVP. “I think he sits on the fence so tight it’s up his ass … He tries to placate everything and play both sides.”

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