Kim Kardashian accused of getting secret procedure as critics spot ‘unnatural’ detail about her body in new pics

KIM Kardashian has been accused of getting a secret cosmetic procedure after fans noticed a strange detail in her recent photos.

The Kardashians star has sparked plastic surgery concerns among fans who believe she’s taken her efforts too far.

Kim shared new photos in a Skims silver set


Kim shared new photos in a Skims silver setCredit: Instagram/Kim Kardashian
Fans accused the star of getting liposuction


Fans accused the star of getting liposuctionCredit: Instagram / Kim Kardashian
They noticed something different about her stomach and belly button


They noticed something different about her stomach and belly buttonCredit: Instagram/Kim Kardashian

Now Kim, 42, has faced speculation of yet another cosmetic procedure after eagle-eyed fans pointed out something strange about her “stomach.”

The TV personality took to her Instagram profile this week to post a series of photos in a silver bra top and skirt.

The reality star posed for the camera by making a kissy face and putting up two peace signs in front of a cement wall.

The mother of four accessorized with a waist chain and a plated necklace for her glamorous shoot, flaunting her flawless abs.

She posed on a dramatic staircase against a plain gray wall, later showing off her butt with an over-the-shoulder shot.

Kim captioned her post with kiss and peace sign emojis, leaving fans to flock to the comments.


However, not all were positive as some accused the Skims founder of getting “liposuction” after they noticed her belly button looks different.

“I hate how unnatural she makes her abdomen look in all her pics. Stop with the lipo and sucking in, it’s okay to be relatable for two seconds,” one slammed on Reddit.

The comment got 32 likes in agreement, adding to the recent plastic surgery speculation compiled against the TV star.


Earlier this week, Kim took her son Saint, seven, to the Skirball Cultural Center in Los Angeles for an educational tour.

According to the center’s website: “The Skirball Cultural Center is a place of meeting guided by the Jewish tradition of welcoming the stranger and inspired by the American democratic ideals of freedom and equality.”

The duo looked very stoic and serious after their tour at the center.

Saint wore a red and black outfit consisting of a sweatshirt with a black with a red Nike logo printed all over it, and a red hat with a white logo.

Kim sported an all-black outfit that consisted of a black floor-length dress with long sleeves and a turtle neck as well as pointy black boots.

Her hair was slicked back in a tight ponytail, and she was in full glam with diamond earrings.

In the photos, fans noticed that the KUWTK alum was having a hard time keeping her mouth closed.


Some fans think the Kardashian’s open mouth was an unfortunate side effect of her alleged cosmetic surgeries, specifically a lip lift.

A fan commented: “Her mouth is always open,” and a fan replied, “Side effect from the lip lift procedure she had.”

Another said: “Kim looks like Detox kinda,” with a gif of the legendary drag queen.

Detox is a drag performer that appeared on RuPaul’s Drag Race, and she’s known for her massive amounts of plastic surgery.


Late last month, fans accused Kim of having more cosmetic procedures and begged the reality star to stop.

While the 42-year-old has denied having extensive work done, critics have started comparing before-and-after photos.

Recently, Milan Fashion Week saw Kim Kardashian representing the Italian fashion house D&G.

Photos of the busy mom surfaced, where her face looked substantially different.

Surgery speculation started ramping up again, with one Reddit user noting she looked “scary,” while others claimed the photos proved she’s gone under the knife.

Another Redditor posted a throwback photo of Kim lamenting: “Gawwwwd, why would you touch your face if it looked like this?!! I miss this face so much!”

“While I think she was really pretty here, there were stages of her face transformation that I absolutely loved more than her OG face. That seems horrible to say but some of her surgeries were so beautiful, seems she just didn’t know when to stop,” one person answered.

Another agreed: “I totally agree. Some of the surgeries really enhanced her look but it was also easier to look better when you are younger. Now we enter the overdone stage because it gets harder and harder to maintain the look.”

Rumors surrounding Kim Kardashian’s fondness for cosmetic treatments have been circulating for years, with a focus on her face, butt, and boobs.

Kim kept her mouth open while visiting a museum this week


Kim kept her mouth open while visiting a museum this weekCredit: BackGrid
Fans noticed how different her face looked while in Milan for fashion week


Fans noticed how different her face looked while in Milan for fashion weekCredit: Splash
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