Charlamagne Tha God Gives DJ Envy “Donkey of the Day” Over Angela Yee Comments

Charlamagne Tha God handed the “Donkey of the Day,” to DJ Envy over his remarks about Angela Yee.

He says Envy took Yee’s words out of context and made himself look foolish.

“The reason it’s going to DJ Envy is because I watched my good brother over the weekend get his ass kicked on the internet. Not in the physical sense, but figuratively,” Charlamagne described. “And it pissed me off so bad. Matter of fact, I texted Envy and all I said to Envy was, ‘Context, n-word. Context.’

“We don’t have to tell you what happened. Let’s hear what happened. Let’s hear Envy struggle for his life as he was drowning as this word just would not come to him,” said Charlamagne before playing the audio clip.

“Her words were taken out of… I guess, technicality,” Envy said. “I guess her comments and the things that she said were taken out of character and taken out of…”

Enny claims he was intoxicated at the time of the interview.

“I was DJing my show and they were giving me drinks and alcohol, so I was drinking,” he said. “It was in Detroit. So I finished DJing, I was good, and then they came and said, ‘Hey, I want to talk to you about the show.’
“I’m thinking they talking about the show I just did, and it was like Angela Yee and everything that’s going on. I couldn’t get [the word] out! I don’t know! We all misspeak sometimes.”

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