Watch the moment Cheryl is left furious as bodyguard stops star from meeting fans after vile threats

CHERYL has been spotted looking furious after her bodyguard stopped the star from meeting with waiting fans.

The Girls Aloud singer was seen clapping back against security as thy led her through a crowd outside the Lyric Theatre in London.

The star was left furious as she was ushered along


The star was left furious as she was ushered alongCredit: TWITTER
Cheryl was seen trying to greet her fans outside the venue


Cheryl was seen trying to greet her fans outside the venueCredit: TWITTER

Cheryl, 39, was greeted by adoring fans as she left the venue after another successful performance of 2:22 A Ghost Story.

The singer – who is leading lady Jenny in the production – smiled and waved as she entered the crowd after last night’s show.

However, she was seen being ushered along away from fans by her bodyguard, who stopped her from greeting the theatre goers.

Trying to pose for a photo with Cheryl, a fan could be heard saying: “It’s my dad’s birthday on Friday and it would make me really happy.”

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But before she got a chance to reply, the security worker placed his arms around Cheryl, helping her into the car.

The star was seen looking furious as she raised her arms and fought back: “It’s his dad’s birthday!”

However, the car door was closed in her face as disappointed fans shouted: “She wanted to do it, that’s not her fault.”

Appearing to speak to the bodyguard, one fan hit out in the clip shared on Twitter: “Vincent, you should be ashamed of yourself.”

It comes after Cheryl’s security team were left on “high alert” after menacing messages were left for her outside the show.

She has been plagued by stalkers for years and is said to have received some “disgusting” notes in gifts.

It’s meant that Cheryl is now being escorted out of the venue each night to a waiting car, after she received flowers with a disturbing message.

A source said: “There’s at least one nutter who has been sending some pretty disgusting and disturbing messages.

“She hasn’t been shown them but they’re included with the flowers people leave after performances.

“Cheryl has enough to think about on stage to a packed theatre each night without having to think about that too, but steps have been taken to ramp up security and put her mind at rest.

“Her minders are all over the venue communicating via radios and closely monitoring her movements and escorting her everywhere she goes.”

Cheryl is believed to be using a team of her own security and minders employed by the theatre.

Cheryl is normally croded by fans outside the theatre


Cheryl is normally croded by fans outside the theatreCredit: Getty

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