Melle Mel Says Nicki Minaj Should Not Have Ranked So High On Rappers List

Nicki Minaj ranked no.10 in Billboard’s Greatest Rappers of All Time List… but Melle Mel says her ranking is “bullsh*t.”

“You know that’s some bullsh-t. Come on now. [Big Daddy Kane] and them and Rakim and them they done put up 40, come on now, and I actually like Nicki Minaj but that’s some bullsh-t. You gotta understand what Hip Hop really is, whoever made what record,” he said.

He continued: “Rakim should never be [No. 14] because his style changed the game. The average rapper, from a certain point to a certain point, you had to rap like Rakim. The only time cats from my era that we had to alter our style to be more up-to-date with what he was doing and what was going on when he started rhyming within the rhymes and all that.”

In the comments, some viewers agreed.

“I mean sh*t, putting her ahead of Lauryn Hill, Lil Kim, and Foxy is blasphemy,” one viewer wrote.

Another wrote,” Now’s that’s some bull ish, nicki not even over MC Lyte, Queen Latifah Lauryn, missy da brat , eve, rah digga and lil Kim, lady of rage, Bahamadia, Sonya blade, Rapsody etc.”

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