Love & Hip Hop Brandi Boyd’s Infant Son DIES … Pics Of The ADORABLE Little Angel!!

Female rapper Brandi Boyd is struggling through one of the greatest pains a person could feel. Media Take Out learned that last week, she lost her youngest son Lux.

Brandi Boyd is a TV personality plus a rapper. She is famous for being part of a reality-drama show Love & Hip Hop Hollywood. She has also appeared in Nora’s Hair Salon II (2008), Nora’s Hair Salon (2004), and Fat Albert (2004).

Here’s video of the little angel:

So what happened? Lux was born prematurely in the fall – and as a result he had some pretty serious health issues

But the little man was such a fighter, that he managed to make it out of the hospital, where he could live in a loving home fo 5th east three months.

Unfortunately, Lux was called home this weekend. His parents are both devastated.

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