A Couple Shares Their Experience of Living Like Victorians for 10 Years, and It’s More Fascinating Than We Thought

If there were a way to travel back in time, we’d most likely go from one era to another, wearing ancient Roman clothes on Fridays to rocking spacesuits on Saturdays. But Sarah and Gabriel Chrisman decided not to wait for the time-travel machine to be invented and went into the past on their own. For the past 10 years, they’ve been living in the 19th century, having recreated life as it was during that time.

Ladies and gentlemen, Viralenow presents the family that lives in Victorian times and we want to tell you all about their fascinating lifestyle.

Sarah and Gabriel Chrisman have an unusual way of researching historical times: they dove into the 19th century, more specifically, the period from 1880 to 1890. This was the time when humanity made a huge step forward in technology. It’s when electric bulbs, telephones, and cars appeared onto the scene.

In 2000, they were a regular couple and looked no different than anyone else. But huge changes were coming their way.



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